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Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • Deep yet Gentle Cleansing with a Refreshing Scent

    andiesmama's picture

    I am inherently skeptical when it comes to foaming hand soap. The reason being, it just doesn't seem like it cleans as well or deeply as do bar soaps. However, when I tried out Bath & Body Works foaming anti-bacterial hand wash, I found myself having to eat my words. Read more

  • Pleasant smelling and gentle

    baybee510's picture

    I received three of Bath & Body Works' Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps for Christmas: the Holiday Citrus Wreath, Candy Cane Bliss and Sugared Vanilla Wish. These hand soaps come out in a light foam and foam up quite well with just a bit of water. Read more

  • Apple smelling hands!

    freshlimesoda's picture

    I bought this a few weeks ago at a Bath & Body Works sale at a good discounted price. Bought a bunch of them infact. They all smelled the same in the store but I like the way apples smell so had to include this in my picks. What with a name like Honeycrisp Apple! Read more

Type: Cleanser
Category: Face Care
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