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Terms & Conditions

On you can earn money by writing consumer reviews of the products you use every day. In accordance with our Revenue Sharing Program we pay $10 for every 1000 views of the review (i.e., we add 1 ¢ to your account balance every time somebody reads your review). Thus every review brings you a small regular income.

1. Rules for writing a review

1.1. Your reviews must be helpful and based on your own experience. It is forbidden to copy or rewrite reviews from other sources (including your reviews published anywhere else before). If you want to cite other sources, e.g., to analyze the ingredients of the product, you have to use our Quotation tool, otherwise you review will not be published.

1.2. Do not give away important details concerning the turn of events in a book or movie (spoilers are forbidden).

1.3. Every post has to contain specific information on specific product or service available to consumers. Recipes, instructions, non-constructive reviews etc. will be removed.

1.4. Every review has to be placed  into relevant category and thread. The item may be placed into subcategory "Miscellaneous" only if it doesn't fit under other subcategories.

1.5. Do not use expressions that are discriminating against people based on their membership in any group or category, vulgar or rude expressions; obscene or foul language, slander etc., otherwise your reviews will be removed and your account will be terminated. Do not post materials or links to Internet resources that contain unlicensed content.

1.6. Images you upload have to be original (except the main image you upload when you create a new thread). Do not insert pictures from the internet into your review. Do not upload images that contain nudity or sexual activity.

1.7. Keep your reviews readable, avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. Do not write in ALL CAPS.

1.8. It is forbidden to publish advertising materials, contact or personal information, referral links and codes in reviews and comments.

1.9. It is forbidden to register more than one user account by the same user, even if the user's account is blocked.

Reviews on following items will be removed:

  • on two or more products, on self-made or counterfeit products etc.;
  • on scam websites associated with internet fraud, phishing, click fraud, captcha breaking tools, paid-to-surf companies, paid survey websites, internet gambling websites and illegal websites;
  • on sites similar to;
  • on any product, service, site etc. that violates the laws.

2. Reviewer rewards

2.1. You get paid for every review that contains at least 500 letters.

2.2. In case you stop writing for a month, your account will be excluded from our Revenue Sharing Program. You have to write at least 1 review per month to keep your account active.

2.3 We do not pay for your own views of your review, subsequent views by the same user and "fraudulent views".

2.4. The earnings are added to your account balance as long as your account is active and your reviews are published on the site.

2.5. You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account, the minimum withdrawal amount is $30. You can see your account statistics at "My Earnings". Statistics are getting updated once a day.

2.6. You can earn more by writing interesting and useful reviews that contain qualitative photos and swatches, because such reviews appear at the top of the thread and have large numbers of views.

2.7. Please note that only unique human visitors from the following locations will be counted: USA, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

3. Referral rewards

3.1. Every reviewer has a personal referral code and can invite friends to join The referrers are regularly rewarded with 10% of their referrals earnings.

3.2.  The user who signs up using an invite code receives a bonus of $5.

4. Leaving a comment

4.1. Use a "Leave a comment" button located at the bottom right hand corner of every review.

4.2. Be civil to each other and don't get personal. If you come across violation of Terms & Conditions (advertising materials, pornography, hate speech, threats, graphic violence, bullying and spam), let us know by clicking on the "Report to moderator" button.

4.3.  Do not post advertising materials or meaningless comments like "+1", "+++" etc.

5. Review promotion

5.1. You may

  • share links to your reviews with friends;
  • post links in your blog;
  • post links to your reviews on forums, if their content is within the bounds of the current discussion;
  • post links in your forum signature.

5.2. You may not promote your reviews by spamming.

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